Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of Quality Control standards do you have for your products?
Throughout our more than two-and-a-half decades as a company, Simplexity Health has remained committed to providing the safest and most effective products available anywhere. To ensure product safety and efficacy, Simplexity adheres to stringent Quality Assurance standards involving in-house as well as independent laboratory testing on all of Simplexity's ingredients and finished products. Simplexity Health is dedicated to the quality of the algae we harvest, as well as the quality of the water itself. For this reason, the algae is harvested and processed according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and undergoes stringent Quality Control/Quality Assurance testing for the presence of any undesirable elements. In addition to in-house testing, regular analyses are conducted by independent laboratories. We have state-of-the-art harvesting equipment which is able to move to various parts of the lake, and we do careful testing before deciding where to harvest to ensure that we are gathering Aphanizomenon flos-aquae. The results of Simplexity's thorough Quality Control procedures prove consistently that the algae harvested from Upper Klamath Lake is safe for daily consumption. We are careful to comply fully with all regulations of the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA), which audits our facilities on a quarterly basis and has expressed satisfaction with Simplexity's testing procedures and the results attained. Such government regulatory agencies as ODA would not allow Super Blue Green Algae products on the market if there were any doubt about their purity and safety. Our products are also Organic, Kosher and Halal Certified. For more information regarding the analysis process, feel free to check with your sponsor or to contact us directly.

What is a Preferred Customer?
Someone who does not want to participate in the network marketing opportunity but would like to purchase Simplexity Health products at wholesale prices can become a Preferred Customer by paying a low annual fee of $20, which is instantly credited back with a $20 rebate on their first product order. Preferred Customers can also get the annual fee waived if they spend $500 or more annually.

What is an Independent Business Associate?
An Independent Business Associate is someone who has purchased an Independent Business Associate kit and has submitted a signed Independent Business Associate Agreement. Upon acceptance by the company of this agreement, an Independent Business Associate is eligible to purchase the products at the wholesale price for resale, and can enrol and sponsor other people into his or her downline as well as being eligible to earn commissions and bonuses in accordance with the terms and provisions of the company's compensation plan.