Blue Green Algae Products by Simplexity Health®

Wild, organic and from Upper Klamath Lake

Provide your body with the natural and wholesome goodness of premium wholefood nutritional supplements. Make them part of a daily physical and mental wellness regimen.

Each of our products is designed to effectively address the body's need for one or more of the Four Basic Nutritional Building Blocks of the Function Nutrition Health Model:

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Our Core Product Philosophy

The human body is a marvellously designed living organism, with the ability to grow, regulate, repair and defend itself when given natural, high-quality, full-spectrum nutrition

1. NOURISH ...with Superfood Nutrition

Superfoods such as our organic microalgae offer micronutrition. The following products are part of this first building block:

2. ENERGISE ...with Digestive Nutrition

Enzymes and probiotics are essential. The following products are part of this second building block:

Alpha Sun - Whole Blue Green Algae
Alpha Sun® -
Blue green algae

The whole algae, wild, organic and from Upper Klamath Lake

Omega Sun - Mental Clarity and Focus
Omega Sun® -
Mental clarity and focus

The microalgae with the cell wall removed

Acidophilus -
Promotes a healthy Digestive system

Bifidus -
Supports lower
digestive tract health

SBG Zymes Plus - Digestive EnzymesSBG Zymes® Plus -
Digestive enzymes

3. PROTECT ...with Antioxidant Nutrition

Antioxidants are essential to a healthy life, protecting cells from the ongoing damage caused by free radicals. The following products are part of this third building block:

4. RENEW ...with Specialised Nutrition

The following products are part of this fourth building block:

Super Q10
Super Q10
Coenzyme Q10 - Natural heart health

StemPlex® - Adult Stem Cell Nutrition
Adult Stem Cell Nutrition

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ALL INCLUSIVE - Daily Convenience

Easy-to-use products that include all Four Basic Nutritional Building Blocks!

Essentials™ - Convenient Daily Nutrition

Each packet contains:
- one Alpha Sun®
- one Omega Sun®
- two SBG Zymes® (enzymes)
- one Acidophilus
- one Bifidus

BG Bars
BG bars - Wholefood nutrition. A superior blend of 17 wholefoods