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Ira Greene: I have been taking an incredible formulation from Simplexity Health called Stemplex®.

Female: The company introduced the product and they gave us each a bottle, and I started taking the night that they gave it to us.

Patricia Feris, RN: I knew for me this was a product that I was very interested in and it took me about 3 seconds to decide that I wanted to take it.

Dan O'Brien: Well I absolutely think that Simplexity helped me.

Susie Richardson-Greene, RD: I am a vegetate dietitian, it just made good nutritional sense to me.

Paul C Bickford, PhD: I just think that this is one of the most exciting things that I have done in the last 20 years.

Male: You've heard about stem cells. Well now a company called Simplexity Health has released an all natural nutritional food supplement called StemPlex®.

Ira Greene: I've noticed a lot of changes , I feel better.

Male: StemPlex® is a pattern pending natural formula.

Paula C Bickford: Stem cells are like the blank cells in our body, okay so, stem cells themselves they can become anything. Many of the tissues of our body even as adults contain stem cells in the bone marrow, in the liver, in our muscle, in our fat tissue, in our brain.

Male: Stem cells travel to areas of the body that need assistance for repair. They have the ability to develop into any other type of cell. So if a stem cell goes to the brain it becomes a brain cell, if it goes to the heart it becomes a heart cell and so on. This is our body's own natural renewal system.

Dan O'Brien: I am still training on a regular basis, lifting weights and running on a daily basis.

Paula C Bickford: We started looking at different things like blueberries and green tea and different vitamins and minerals and to look at their ability to support the growth of our own stem cells.

Male: StemPlex® contain six key ingredients:
• Green tea extract
• Wild blueberry
• Blueberry extract and
• Amino acid called Carnosine
• Vitamin D3
• and Simplexity's own edible Microalgae

These powerful ingredients individually are healthy for the body but when blended together they work synergistically.

Susie Richardson-Greene, RD: My friends had noticed a difference in my energy levels and they noticed that I was not flinching around on the couch as much.

Dan O'Brien: When you put as much wear and tear on your body as I do or any athlete you need to be able to wake up and do it all over again.

Patricia Feris, RN: I just feel great, the only thing that I've done differently throughout the course of this whole thing is start to take this StemPlex®.

Female: Look at me, I look great. It is awesome.

Male: Simplexity has been on the leading edge in creating high quality organic, whole food supplements for over 25 years. With StemPlex® you can be assured that you're helping to support your body. For more information, contact us.

StemPlex® Product