Customer Testimonials

Like a lot of people, I ignored my body's needs for years. One day I got my wake-up call and made myself knowledgeable about my health and nutrition.

I was searching for real simple solutions, as I believe health does not have to be complicated. Enough good water was certainly a very important part, but only when I found the organic Blue-Green microalgae did I know that I had my basic nutrition in.

For me the microalgae is a fundamental gift of nature. To nourish one's body on a cellular level - not just to feed it. To follow the functional nutrition approach of Simplexity Health makes such a difference in day-to-day living. And then there is StemPlex®, what I call the "Queen of the product range". I was looking for just such a product for a long time.

I have been taking the Essentials, Q10 and StemPlex® for about 9 months. I can feel how my body has come more and more into balance and I feel that it is better nourished than it had been for a very long time.

Anybody who has the chance to get to know Simplexity Health's organic Blue-Green microalgae and StemPlex®, I consider to be a lucky person! *

West Sussex, UK

I just wondered if anyone who has been eating the SBGA for several years (like me) has ever mentioned as a benefit that their hair got thicker?

Mine has and even my mother's hair got thicker. In fact it also got darker. Mom was taking 2 SBGA a day at age 99 and at 100 years, her nursing home hair dresser told me that her hair was thicker and darker and that she had to use more curlers in her hair. When Mom died, at 101.5 years, her hair was thick, it was far darker than it had been in the past 35 years, and even her eyebrows were black.

Not gray, not speckled, but pure beautiful black, her natural hair colour. She died of natural causes. She had no known illness. Her doctor put her on BP medicine for a few years but took her off it when her BP went back to normal. She had not been on BP for about a year but she was taking 200 mg of Q10. :-)

I am 72 years old and many many people tell me I look more like 60 or mid 50's. I feel as good as I did when I was 35. Thanks for SBGA.*


I've personally been taking blue-green algae for about a year now. The first four months I didn't notice a major difference, until I stopped taking it for two weeks. I could feel my body missing something... equivalent to not eating any vegetables for a week (have you ever tried that? It's not very healthy and not advisable, but I've done it and the body really did not like it!) So I continued taking the Essentials and additional Alpha Sun® or Omega Sun® in the mornings. And my body is happy again.

The algae is an ancient food that was around many moons before mankind. I believe Mother Nature intended for it to be one of Mankind's basic foods.

It's something one can continue taking from here on out. *

East Sussex, UK

BG Bars® are without a doubt the best nutritional bars I have tried. No other nutritional bar gives me the most delicious taste that BG Bars® do! *


In pursuit of my occupational therapy degree, one day I had clinical from 8am to 4pm. I ate a BG Bar® for lunch and felt wonderful all that day. The next day, I had a pasta/veggie blend and fruit, and I broke down and ate a macadamia nut white chocolate chink cookie. That was at noon. By 1:30 I was ready to fall asleep, and by 3pm I was starving. Lesson learned! *


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